Friday, May 21, 2010

La League of Extraordinary Womanhood

Last night I attended my very first La Leche League breastfeeding support group. I had a wonderful time talking about one of my favorite things: Breastfeeding! For those of you who haven't had the chance to visit one of these meetings you can find a group in your area by visiting the La Leche League website.

After we introduced ourselves and began talking what I had wanted to happen began to happen. One of the woman's 11 month old son walked over to nurse. Libby was playing on the floor in front of me having fun with another infant only a few weeks older than her. Then that baby wanted to nurse. So after Libby lost her floor companion she wanted to nurse. So her I am in a room with other women nursing our babies. No one averting there eyes, no staring, no snickers, no comments just three women in a room feeding their babies like the one who pervades the universe intended. These are the women I advocate for every time I nurse in public. We talked about nursing in public and the other women said they felt more comfortable doing it in private.
I'm all for that! It made me a little sad that it was because of other peoples reactions that they didn't and it made me feel ashamed for society.

I will definitely be returning next month for the meeting. Even though I KNOW I'm not the only nursing mother. Sometimes it can feel that way. I cannot wait until next month!


  1. The women may feel more comfortable nursing in private just because they don't want other ppl seeing thier boobs. It may not have anything to do with how other ppl would react. Some ppl are actually private or modest and aren't all about exerting their rights to openly show their breastfeeding.
    I'm no expert. I had 3 kids and didn't breastfeed any of them and wouldn't if I had another one. But I can understand a woman's modesty. If I did breastfeed I wouldn't want ppl seeing me either. No matter if I legally can show it anywhere I want to.

  2. And just an FYI, I found out this the hard way on my own blog...unless you are having problems getting alot of spam/bot comments on your blog, you might want to consider removing that word verification from your comment section. I had ppl tell me they won't comment on a blog that has word verification just because they don't like them. I didn't even know I had one on my blog until someone told me, then I removed it. I have never had one single spam comment yet.

  3. Thank you for the suggestions! I understand that most women don't bf in public because they are modest:) these women happened to express their fears about others reaction. I never like to make assumptions about others! It made me very sad to hear it! But, I'm glad they have found comfort in bfing no matter how they do it:)

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