Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Share your addiction/recovery story!!

I am opening this post up not just to people who have had substance abuse issues. But, to all people who have felt hopelessness in their life. Recovery is for all people! It's a chance to step back from yourself and become a better person. It isn't to be ashamed of I was raised in a culture where you didn't talk about your feelings and we're rejected with sayings like "suck it up!" or "I will give you something to cry about". It was definitely NOT okay to seek help in situations of grief and failure. People who succeed in recovery are a step ahead of the rest, Having worked through various issues and analyzed why they do the things they do, why they are so hellbent on destroying themselves and why they went
to great lengths to recreate sorrow, pain, rejection, worthlessness etc. We are the Children of the Streets, Homemakers, Gutter Punks, Suburbanites,Christians,Atheists Etc. and we have these beautiful stories of redemption. So please share you story with me and other people in the recovery community. Feel free to read my Recovery story If you have any questions feel free to ask or contact me at lulusparrow@q.com Thank you for your time! I look forward to reading your stories!!!


  1. I just wanted to say that I find your openness and honesty about your addiction and recovery incredibly refreshing.

    While I have no addictions to compare with what you have gone through, my family of origin has been touched by addiction (and recovery in some cases). Reading your story, helps me to find compassion and understanding for those in my life who have not yet found their way into recovery, and a little more patience and forgiveness for those who have.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  2. I am boring. I don't have a recovery story. Fortunately I have never been addicted to anything. Well, I take that back. I had to wean myself off Lorcet after a dry socket from having a tooth cut out. The oral surgeon kept me on Lorcet for about 4 months and when it was time to stop taking them I felt like I had the flu. It made me feel bad and I realized I had gotten addcited to them. So there. Maybe I do have a recovery story. A mini one. I didn't have to seek treatment or go through rehab for it. I just felt like I had the flu for about 2 weeks.
    So I have been super careful not to take much of anything unless I really have to, like after a surgery, etc.
    I am what my husband would call a "pill head" :) Not because I take alot of drugs, but because I take a buttload of dietary suppliments. I take about 32 pills a day. But I have Lupus and when I started taking all these suppliments to get healthier I have not been sick (with severe Lupus symptoms) since. So I proudly accept my "pill head" title, and keep popping my pills. I feel fortunate to never have had to go through a real addcition. I have seen it and seen what it can do to ppl and families. Be proud of yourself for coming through it like you did and from your baby not suffering any ill effects from your ordeal. Not everybody gets that lucky.

  3. hi, it's Julia (_casinoroyale on twitter). i have read your story and it's so inspiring! your children are adorable, btw! i wish i had your strenght and courage to quit.
    i've been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, bulimia nervosa and depression 3 years ago. the doc prescribed me antidepressants and valium, and it hasn't been a day since that i didn't pop a handfull of valiums or other benzodiazepins. and as my tolerance was building, i had to take more and more and more, so i stopped taking them for 4 months- but only because i had to wait for tolerance to wear off. i've tried everything: alprazolam, diazepam, oxazepam, clonazepam and other psychoactive pills. i used to take zyprexa and seroquel because it would knock me out for 2 days. i occasinally abuse speed, lsd, cocaine and ecstasy. i smoke weed every day. i'm turning 19 in 9 days and my only wish is to get clean from benzos because i can't keep living in my own little druggy world. i feel like i'm running away from my own life.

  4. *hugs* to you brave and inspirational girl. I have never even tried drugs because I doubt I'd ever be able to get off them again. I mean, I'm pretty addicted to chocolate, and that's hard enough!

  5. And that is exactly my point the bottom line to drug addiction or any problem is emotional illiteracy. Anyone can benefit from recovery. Not just addicts! Recovery comes in all form from all people!! From all walks of life thank you so much to all who've shared!! Please pass on the message that people can change!!!!