Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pregnant Bellies: A Love Story

I’m sure that I am obsessed! I love, love, love Pregnant bellies! Yours, hers and especially mine. I took picture after picture of my pregnant stomach and anytime someone snapped a photo of me I either stuck it out (Like as if I really needed to) or I would just pull my shirt right up. It wasn’t just the pictures either. I could not keep my hands off of my stomach. I played with my protruding belly button that which my husband lovingly christened his Cheerio, you could see it through my shirt round and cute just like a…Cheerio. I’m really bad because I want to touch them I always ask permission but, we all know how it feels the awkward touch of a stranger. Still I cant help it pregnant women facinate me, A beautiful pregnant woman walking by had once eluded me now I see pregnant women everywhere!!! I make it a point to look now and I always smile it brightens my day. I had never felt more beautiful in my life than when I was pregnant and here’s why:

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