Friday, March 26, 2010

"Bangs, I shot you down Bangs, Bangs!!"

Everytime I cut my bangs I wish I hadn't. It's the same thing everytime. I tell who ever is cutting my hair " I want rockabilly bangs" and everytime they shake their head and make me look like I have a front of the head bowl cut which only looks good on ten year old boys.

People say don't cut them anymore and I say alright. But, then I go like an alzheimers patient and do it again all the while thinking this time it will be different. The people around me don't make it any easier one time I told the stylist to cut them straight across. My sister called me a "Pumpkin Pie Hair Cutted Freak" (if you don't get the reference it's alright.
It isn't even that funny)

A friend of mine told me about a shop downtown that would razor cut my bangs for fifty dollars. She scoffed when I asked her if that included a happy ending. I will not pay that much for a haircut unless there is some sort of other service rendered. I have the rockabilly pin up style going for me. But, no matter how red my lips, how 50's my clothes and how high my hair. I will still dream of rockabilly bangs.