Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Libby's Birth Story

At 8 months and one week I walked into my Dr.'s office hand in hand with my 21 month old daughter. I was huge I gained a whopping 40 lbs all in my breasts it seemed. It was the start of my once a week visits and I was pretty anxious. We did the usual weight (190) and urine. When the did my blood pressure the nurse gasped! "Are you feeling okay?" She asked " I feel as normal as I can is there something wrong" she called the doctor over and he told me I would have to deliver today because I was showing definite signs of preeclampsia.

I called my brother who lived close to come and pick up my daughter and I called my boyfriend who was 20 miles out of town to come to the hospital. I drove to the hospital and once again stopped for food. " I don't care if I poo I'm freaking hungry" I thought I called my mom who said she would meet me at Tucson Medical Center. I was excited to be having my baby there because they had 24 hour rooming in with two beds in a private room ( even though Johnny slept in bed with me!)After we got through all the preliminary stuff they gave me something to dialate me cause I wasn't dialated at all. The nurse comes in and checks me and tells me I'm one centimeter dialated. Right then the doctor walks in they had been monitoring me and and she said my blood pressure was low enough for me to go home. I looked her dead in the eye and said "No I'm not going home you guys already started something we have to finish I want to have this baby!" she was shocked and she told me all the reasons why I couldn't have her even though I was close and she seemed healthy. Her lungs could be under developed and she would have to Be in the NICU. Since I had already had a baby in the NICU I opted to go home feeling defeated I started to cry.

My boyfriend came over and held me close "Libby will be here soon" he said "I know it's easy for me to say but we're going to have to wait" "Okay babe" I sniffled he hated to see me cry but he was right we had to wait.

Then once again the doctor shows up and says we can do an amniosintisis to determine whether or not the lungs were developed and if they were we could deliver. She explained that she would put a huge needle in my belly and suck out amniotic fluid. I asked Johnny If he thought it was okay and he said whatever I felt was right he supported me. I said yes to the amnio and 45 minutes later we got the news that Libby could be born!

My birthing experience with Libby was perfect as soon as it was time to push my boyfriend sprang into action "Remember not to make any noises don't lose your energy" " you are doing great babe keep pushing" "here comes the head" what followed was the most amazing thing I have ever felt. As I have said before my first baby was ripped out of me with forceps. But, this time I felt her head and her neck then out popped her little shoulders, her torso and litle butt tumbled out followed by those long legs and cute toes. I felt ever single part of her body pass through me and I felt as if I had be reborn. I had a very hightened sense of everything I had never in my life felt so aware.

When they brought her to me I offered her my breast and she latched immediately and I cried tears of relief. I felt like super mom! I had done it again! We named her Libby Loren Rimer. We roomed in and spent the next 5 days getting to know eachother I never sent her to the nursery until she had to and I went with her when she did. We were inseperable and still are!!


  1. This is so lovely. I can't believe how much healthier you look in these pictures. You are very beautiful, my lovely friend! This was a lovely, positive birth story. It's amazing how your first daughter gave you your life back, just as you gave her hers, and your second daughter gave you those moments of motherhood that we all treasure. So lovely. It gives you something unique, different and inspirational to love each of them for, doesn't it?

  2. You look INCREDIBLE! Seriously amazing!

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  4. Wow! That's a great story. Your description of pushing Libby out really touched me. After 2 1/2 hours of pushing, my son was vacuum extracted. I, too, had an episiotomy, and it only stopped hurting recently, seven months after giving birth. Your story gives me hope that the next birth might turn out differently, should I be blessed with another child.